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Károly Escher - Tender snow, 1928


spiral stairs by savoonga


reuben Wu

'Surreal World', 2013.

Reuben Wu is a photographer and musician born in Liverpool, England. In his visual work he is primarily interested in hidden places which he has a subconscious connection with. Usually he travels where there is a sign of humanity in the landscape, for example a trace of history or a forgotten story.But his ‘Ultima Esperanza’ series is slightly different from that. It shows a popular hiker’s destination in which still was a presence of human intervention. ‘I was particularly engaged with my hike over Grey Glacier where stepping off the land onto a perilous sea of ice was an especially disorientating experience.’ His pictures of his tour seem striking and surreal, almost like shots from another world.

"I never thought of the Tramp in terms of appeal. He was myself, a comic spirit, something within me that said I must express this. I felt so free. The adventure of it. The madness. I can do any mad, crazy thing I like. And then?—did it come off, this insane idea I had, did it come off? That was the thrill."

Charles Chaplin
April 16, 1889 — December 25, 1977


my jimi.


my jimi.


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100% ART


100% ART


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When confronted with a cuddly cat, the lizard simply continues to lizard.

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